Leuchtturm der Menschlichkeit (English version)

The Lighthouse of Humanity


On the Gibacht Mountain, located on the Bavarian side of the bohemian forest, in the year 2005 a glass-cross was constructed on a place called Reiseck, which became meanwhile a unique tourist attraction.
Glass-artist Ralph Wenzel, operates beside his glass-studio an art-gallery, in addition the restaurant on the Berghof Gibacht for the last four years. Several months ago he got the vision to create a new monument, “Lighthouse of Humanity“ at a place called Tannenriegel, which is about 900 m high.
The construction will be a tower, build with natural stones and a base diameter of 1,5 m, with a total height of around 3,20 m. On the west side, where the visitors can have a beautiful view over the East Bavarian landscape, 4 hand poured glass-elements (around50cm each and 3-4 cm thickness) will be inserted. Lighting behind the glass-elements will be provided, using solar energy.

Our planet
Islamic half moon
Christian cross
Star of David

How the idea was conceived:
Ralph Wenzel, who's family is connected to the glass industry since eight generations, got the personal inspiration that our human society has lost, within the last 20 years, much of its human spirit. The power of television and news, bureaucracy, Internet and many things more has lead to a decline of human relations and behaviors, or in general to a loss of humanity.  These are the  main points, he discovered, when he read in the book of Manilus from Vaison (400 p.chr.) the vision:

“ It is our acting and doing, which lifts our reason-oriented soul up. Each un-reasonability is absolute disgusting for her, and she must fight against it endlessly, not to get lost. When she sees the un-reasonability in other persons, she will try to bring them back on the right way. She can do this with advices or by  taking over official positions and make the corrections by practical acting. And the meaning of this acts is, to make sure that the philosophy will survive, because when the only concern of humans are in material belongings, there will be no differences between them and animals. “

Inspired by  such thoughts on one side and some special movements in the German society on the other side, Ralph Wenzel became motivated to make his contribution, that it is necessary to set signs. For these reasons the idea for the “Lighthouse of Humanity“ started to grow.

As Ralph Wenzel is doing international business in some fields through the last 20 years, he has developed relationships with different people, different countries, with different religions and cultures. During all the years, he never understood, that all the big problems we have on this world, there are so many wars and terrorism between these three religious groups, whereas all of them have the human principle of brotherhood and sisterhood written in their holy books. So he decided to form these hand-poured glass elements and include them in the lighthouse.

Ralph Wenzel planned the complete project as „From Humans – For Humans“. Which means that  volunteers will do all work and the necessary money will be collected through donations. The organization Deutscher Alpenverein will provide the insurance and future maintenance. The first stones have arrived and soon people will arrive to help in the construction. Additionally, a therapeutical institution has volunteered their patients to assist in the project, as there involvement will be a source of good therapy. Everyone can assist in this project, either by helping with manpower, or sending a stone or money, so that it can be realized as soon as possible.


Contact address:
Ralph Wenzel
Berghof Gibacht
Gibacht 31
D-93449 Waldmuenchen
Tel: 0049-9972-903983
Fax: 0049-9972-903984
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Inhaber: Ralph Wenzel 
Ust ID: DE224014092

Donation account:

Lighthouse of humanity
Sparkasse im Landkreis Cham
KoNr: 120239009
BLZ: 74251020
IBAN: DE05 7425 1020 0120 2390 09

Link to the gallery!

Ralph Wenzel with the glass symbols and the first stones.

The place for the Lighthouse of humanity is already marked.
(September 2007

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